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Taran Rosenthal, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist

A graduate of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine, Taran had the privilege of being in one of the last classes to learn from the late legendary founder, Dr. Sean Marshall. Since graduating, he has continued his studies with advanced training in Tui Na fascial unwinding, and visceral work with Dr. Frank Butler, and Tom Bisio, Craniosacral therapy, Ba Gua I Ching acupuncture, and various styles of palpatory acupuncture. He is currently studying the Nei Jing with Dr. Edward Neal of the Xinglin Institute.

Taran has maintained a private clinical practice since 2013. He has worked at InsideOut Body Therapies since 2016, initially with the VA community partner program and currently with the broader InsideOut community.

Taran is excited and honored to be part of the team of dedicated practitioners working together to support optimal health at Duke Integrative Medicine providing acupuncture services on Saturdays.

Taran maintains an active movement practice including, but not limited to Ba Gua, Systema, Bouldering, playing tag with his daughter, and work influenced by the Ido Portal Method, Fighting Monkey, and Rafe Kelly. All of this enriches and deepens his work as a practitioner of Chinese medicine.

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