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About Health & Well-Being Coaching

What is Health & Well-Being Coaching?

Duke Health & Well-Being Coaching empowers clients to make lasting behavior changes that are the foundation for a lifetime of health and well-being. Health is impacted by multiple interconnected dimensions. These dimensions include the choices one makes that affect their physical, mental, spiritual well-being and the medical care approaches utilized for their health. A Health & Well-Being Coach helps support their clients in discovering ways to successfully implement healthy lifestyle behaviors across these various dimensions into their unique lives.

How do I become a Health & Well-Being Coach?

The Duke Health & Well-Being Training consists of two phases: Core competencies and Advanced Application.

Phase 1: Core Competencies

The Core Competencies phase is delivered through live instructor-led training and an online curriculum. The instructor-led training includes coaching demonstrations, experiential practice, and facilitated feedback. The online curriculum includes a combination of web-based training modules on coaching topics and coaching demonstration videos. To demonstrate knowledge of the core competencies, short quizzes are incorporated throughout, along with a scenario-based written exam that is completed before moving into the second phase of training.

Phase 2: Advanced Application
The Advanced Application phase is focused on more in-depth practice and work with experienced coach mentors. Students will participate in 4 individual (one-on-one) mentor sessions for personalized feedback on audio recordings of their professional coaching. They will also be a part of self-directed peer practice groups and expert-led advanced application seminars. The Advanced Application phase concludes with the successful completion of an oral exam, which serves as the final practical skills assessment to ensure graduates are proficient in applying the training principles in a real-world setting.

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