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Mindfulness Training for Professionals FAQs

The Mindfulness Training for Professionals program is frequently attended by medical and allied health providers and other professionals seeking to partner with their clients to improve their health behaviors and outcomes.

The program is designed for all professional backgrounds including and program participants from diverse educational and professional backgrounds such as licensed medical and allied health fields such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, health education, social work, exercise physiology, psychotherapy and nutrition.  Others have also come from a wide range of professional fields such as public health, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga therapy, personal training, ministry, education, business, marketing and education.

No previous mindfulness experience is required.

Mindfulness refers to a natural human capacity for non-judging, present-moment centered awareness.  Mindfulness arises simply by paying attention on purpose in a non-judging and accepting way to experiences arising both inside and outside of one’s body.  Mindfulness is cultivated at Duke Integrative Medicine by practicing different meditation methods emphasizing awareness- for example awareness of breathing, of one’s body sensations, or of eating.  Everyone has the capacity for mindfulness, but there are definitely “skills” that can be practiced, through meditation, to strengthen one’s mindfulness and to make it more available in the challenging or stressful moments of daily life.

Mindfulness Training for Professionals (MTFP) is a training program designed expressly to assist and support the professional who is using or wishes to use mindfulness practices more fully in their professional activities.  The professional participant in this training will have the opportunity to experience mindfulness, learn to practice mindfulness (as taught typically in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)), and will leave the training with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding, information base, and network for the application of mindfulness in their work in any setting.

  • Guided introduction and instruction for developing or deepening a personal mindfulness practice
  • Practice applying mindfulness methods to every aspect of work life
  • Information related to the context for understanding the larger world of meditation, relevant cultural and spiritual issues, and the integration of mindfulness-based techniques with existing approaches and various applications of mindfulness in a variety of disciplines
  • Skills for how to communicate about mindfulness effectively with clients or colleagues
  • Opportunities to meet, share ideas, and form connections with course instructors, and other professional colleagues who share an interest in exploring mindfulness applications in clinical and other settings

Participants will receive a certificate of completion for the Duke Integrative Medicine Mindfulness Training for Professionals.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce participants to mindfulness
  • Learn about the attitudinal basis of mindfulness
  • Gain experience with practicing various mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Recognize common obstacles and resistances that arise in meditation practice
  • Understanding the physiology and psychology of stress
  • Respond to common concerns and questions about mindfulness meditation
  • Learn about and be able to discuss with others some important distinctions between Western mindfulness-based approaches to health and stress reduction, and the larger, global, and more ancient context of meditative traditions
  • Learn about and be able to discuss with others some important distinctions between Western mindfulness-based approaches to health and stress reduction, and the larger, global, and more ancient context of meditative traditions
  • Explore the application of mindfulness to promote satisfaction and effectiveness in work relationships
  • Gain an understanding of the scope, content, and issues controversies related to current scientific research into mindfulness-based approaches to health and stress reduction
  • Learn about integrating various mindfulness practices into a comprehensive mindfulness-based approach to meditation practice
  • Explore the Mindfulness principle of “making mindfulness a way of living”
  • Explore the Mindfulness principle of “making mindfulness a way of living.”
  • Understand the rationale and issues related to including an intensive mindfulness meditation retreat as an important element in any mindfulness-based approach
  • Identify methods to strengthen and sustain a personal mindfulness meditation practice in order to “keep it alive” after a class or retreat ends

Participants can expect to learn about the history, various applications, and resources available for mindfulness so that they may speak to others about mindfulness in an informed and accurate manner but it is beyond the scope of this four-day program to certify or impart the skills necessary to become a mindfulness instructor.  Although you will not be able to advertise yourself as a mindfulness instructor, the knowledge, experience, and skills of mindfulness you will gain in this training have many other applications.

The course registration fee is $1595.  Those that register by the noted early registration deadline qualify for a 10% discount.

Duke Affiliates qualify for a 15% discount at the time of their registration. This discount is not eligible to be combined with the early registration discount. Duke Affiliates are defined as Duke Employees, Duke Registered Volunteers, and Duke Students.

Upon your arrival you will be provided with a program manual and a set of audio CDs with guided meditations.  You may also receive additional handouts during the course of the program.  There are no additional required materials.

The first day of the program will begin with check-in and welcome at 8:30 pm and continues until 5 pm.  The remaining training days are scheduled for 9 am – 5 pm.

Each day will include a mixture of class presentations and group discussions, with an emphasis on experiential learning through guided meditation practices

To ensure the best possible experience with our online registration system, accessing online registration and course resources, and for the general administration of your account, please be sure your system meets the minimum requirements found here.

After completing the course you will receive several downloadable electronic certificates including any approved continuing education credits, and a Duke Integrative Medicine Certificate of Completion.

The registration fee includes printed course materials, guided meditation tracks (on CD), four days of instructor-led training, as well as continuing education credits (dependent on completion of requirements noted above).  Beverage service and lunch are included each day of the program.

Duke Integrative Medicine has limited funds available for partial financial assistance for IHCPT: Foundation Course and Mindfulness Training for Professionals. The funds may cover up to 10% of the registration fee. To be considered, please submit your financial assistance application prior to the early registration deadline for your desired course. Please click here to submit a financial assistance application.

The closest airport is the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). The airport is approximately 18 miles from our location.

Course participants often forgo rental cars in lieu of the shuttle service that may be provided by their lodging choice. However, others find that a rental car provides more freedom for them to venture around the Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill area restaurants, shops and entertainment venues outside of the training hours.

Visit the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website for a searchable database of lodging in and around the Durham area as well as an overview of all the city has to offer:

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