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What are the changes to the program and why has this change been made? 

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, experiential training that best supports the development of professional health & well-being coaches to partner with clients effectively and skillfully for successful, sustainable health behavior change. 

In order to best meet this mission and to support our alignment with the professionalization of health coaching via the National Board Certification, we have decided to: 

  1. Change the name of our program to Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training. 
  2. Combine our current Foundation and Certification Courses into a single training including core competencies and advanced skills:
    • Phase 1: Core Competencies
      • The Core Competencies phase is delivered through live instructor-led training and an online curriculum which includes coaching demonstrations, experiential practice, facilitated feedback, and abilities to test learning objectives throughout the course.  
    • Phase 2: Advanced Skills
      • The Advanced Skills phase is focused on more in-depth practice and work with experienced coach mentors. Students will participate in 4 one-on-one mentor sessions for personalized feedback, be a part of self-directed peer practice groups and attend expert-led advanced application seminars.  The Advanced Skills phase concludes with successful completion of an oral exam, which serves as the final practical skills assessment to ensure graduates are proficient in applying the training principles in a real-world setting.

We believe these changes will allow our graduates to be eligible for the board exam and provide practice of both foundational and advanced skills and concepts. 

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