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Why is the mindfulness retreat conducted in silence?

By simplifying your To Do list (even if only for a day or so) to “being present”, what might you notice?

To create an opportunity for greater focus and attention we ask participants to refrain from conversation and social interactions for the majority of the time in the retreat.  Participants are also encouraged to refrain from personal device usage.  By agreeing to cultivate this silence as a group, participants offer each other support and the opportunity to experience the power of mindfulness practice at deeper levels of personal discovery than in a usual day to day routine.

  • Refrain from cellphone use for the duration of the retreat sessions. If you have family members that need to be able to reach you, breaks throughout the day are provided if you need to check in, or you may share our main number that family can use if they need to reach you urgently during the retreat.
  • Leave laptops, iPods, iPads and other communication devices at home.
  • Keep your silence with friends and family members that are on retreat with you.
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