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What content will be covered in the Certification course?

The Certification course is an instructor-led distance learning course that provides an advanced level of training on the professional application of integrative health coaching skills. The course allows participants to deepen their proficiency through skills practice, mentored feedback, online learning, and video demonstrations. Course completion includes a written and oral examination to demonstrate mastery of integrative health coaching skills, process, and partnership.

The curriculum will cover the following topics:

  • The 9 stages of the Integrative Health Coaching Process Model
  • Select appropriate strategies to support clients in making desired health behavior changes to support their optimal health
  • The structure of a single integrative health coaching session as well as a series of sessions
  • The impact of a mindfulness practice on the integrative health coaching relationship, specifically when encountering challenging coaching interactions
  • Application of integrative health coaching skills, processes, and partnership through the opportunity for mentored feedback on recorded coaching sessions
  • Healthy living concepts to expand your knowledge base for coaching
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