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Chair Stretch Routine

By the Duke Lifestyle & Weight Management Center

Hold each stretch 15-30 seconds

#1 Upper Trapezius (Neck)

Sit up tall, slowly tilt your left ear to your left shoulder. To increase the stretch, take your right hand and press toward the floor. Repeat on the right side.

#2 Hip Flexors (Front /Top part of the Thigh)

Move to the left side of your chair, so that your buttocks are on the left, edge. Your knee and ankle should be aligned on your left side. Hold onto the chair with your left hand. Place your right leg behind so that you have some extension at your knee. Lift your heel slightly and pull your pelvis forward. Repeat on the right side.

#3 Chest/Shoulder/Bicep Stretch

Scoot to the front of the chair, grab the back of the chair, and open up the chest. Can clasp hands for a deeper stretch.

#4 Mid/Upper Back

Clasp fingers together, turn palms out. Keep arms at shoulder height, round out the mid-upper back.

#5 Hamstring (Back part of Upper Legs)

Sit on the front edge of the chair. Extend your right leg out fully with your toe pointed towards the sky. Hinge forward from the hips. Your hands resting on your hips.

#6 Shoulder/Triceps

Reach right arm across the chest. Take the left arm under the right and “hug” the right arm feeling a slight pull/mild discomfort in the back part of the shoulder, side of the shoulder, and back part of the upper arm.

#7 Gluteus (Buttocks)

Sit up straight at the front edge of your chair. Place your right foot on your left knee and hinge forward from the hips.

#8 Low Back

Sit on the front edge of your chair with a wider than shoulder-width stance and reach down for your toes.

#9 Calf

Approach the back of your chair to use for balance, take a left foot forward, right foot behind, keep left knee bent with knee/ankle alignment, and both feet flat and torso facing forward. Press towards the floor through your right heel.





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