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Welcome to the Duke Health & Well-Being Programs website!

Health & Well-Being Smarts

Take a break and enhance your health and well-being knowledge with a live webinar hosted by our highly experienced Duke Health and Well-Being experts. Following Duke Health and Well-Being’s Wheel of Health, Health and Well-Being Smarts is a monthly webinar program that will discuss and review the most up-to-date recommendations regarding the different interconnected and interrelated components of whole-person health and well-being

These sessions are recorded.

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

September 2022 | Investing in Your Emotional Well-Being

Just as you may invest in your retirement, home, or physical health, it is just as important to invest in your emotional wellness. Duke Health and Well-Being’s Marissa Holsten, LCSW, will discuss ways to be intentional and purposeful in creating positive experiences to balance out our day-to-day stressors to create a strong foundation for your emotional health.

Registration Open!
Early Registration Deadline: September 8
Last Day to Register: September 22
Instructor: Marissa Holsten

  • Friday (12-1 pm ET), September 23, 2022

October 2022 | Receiving the Benefits of Nature

Numerous scientific studies continue to validate the benefits of connecting with the natural world. From looking out our windows onto water or green space, to spending time outside in your backyard, to having more immersive experiences in forests, nature’s positive impacts on human health and well-being are many.

Join Jason Dudley, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, for an informational and experiential hour on enhancing our connection with the natural world wherever we find it.

Registration Open!
Early Registration Deadline: October 13
Last Day to Register: October 27
Instructor: Jason Dudley

  • Friday (12-1 pm ET), October 28, 2022
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