Mindfulness Retreat

Finding Peace:  The Power of Mindfulness in Daily Life

This 3-day retreat held at the relaxing and restorative Duke Integrative Medicine center will offer conditions conducive to your own inner search for balance and respite, where you will be pointed toward the silence that holds all noise, the stillness that holds all motion, and the peace that is always available, no matter the hectic nature of our day to day lives.

All levels of meditation experience and practice traditions are welcome.  New meditators or those wishing to begin a practice will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation, including sitting, walking, and mindful movement.  Experienced meditators can use this time as a way to deepen or reconnect with their practice within the support of a retreat setting.  All participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences with each other, taking advantage of this rare opportunity to become more intimate with ourselves, and facilitating greater patience so as to touch into the stillness that is always available, experiencing greater peace.

No previous meditation experience is required.

Upcoming dates and deadlines

August 2024

Schedule: August 12-14, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Early Registration Deadline: July 13, 2024
Last Day to Register: August 9, 2024


Participant Testimonials

“This program was excellent. I signed up for the retreat for a specific reason, yet when the program ended, I left with so much more than I had ever anticipated. It was truly a unique and fruitful experience.”

– Mindfulness Retreat program participant, June 2023

About Duke Integrative Medicine

Duke Integrative Medicine center’s healing environment features spa-like amenities, meditation spaces, walking labyrinth, library, quiet room, contemplative gardens, and more. Our spacious, wood-paneled front hall sits at the edge of Duke Forest and is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. Our circular library features relaxing, leather seating, and a soaring, cathedral ceiling. Our sun-drenched quiet room is filled with bamboo that stretches to reach the glass walls high above.

Accommodations Statement

Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations or who have questions about physical access should contact us in advance of the program.

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