Deepen Your Sense of Connection and Belonging Through Mindfulness

This three-part program will aim to provide participants with knowledge and skills for discovering and experiencing possibilities for greater peace and stillness within, enhancing their capacity for improved self-care, and responding more effectively to the stressful demands of living in a time of uncertainty and widespread loneliness. The program is based on experiencing mindfulness through direct practice, using several core practices from the MBSR program. By practicing mindfulness with teacher support in class, and through readings, audio recordings, and personal practice at home, participants will be better able to recognize and understand how practicing mindfulness can deepen awareness, nurture qualities of kindness, compassion, and wisdom, and build resilience. Strengthening each of these attributes in turn can better equip you to live more happily, and to meet the demands and stressors of life in today’s world more effectively.

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Instructor: Jeff Brantley, MD


Accommodations Statement

Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations or who have questions about physical access should contact us in advance of the program.

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