Rolling for Resilience

What if nurturing yourself and enhancing resilience were as easy and fun as rolling playfully on a foam roller? Resilience, the ability to bounce back from struggles and stresses, is vital to our health and well-being.

This 3-hour experiential workshop explores the best foam roller techniques for self-massage, body alignment, and core strengthening. Posture awareness exercises and dynamic movements on the roller help you connect with your body’s resilience and capacity to thrive!

Foam rollers are simple tools that invite you to:

  • Playfully discover and explore how your body feels and moves
  • Enhance breathing, relieve body tension and muscle imbalances
  • Promote ease of movement, improved posture, and greater flexibility
  • Restore and create a healthful, efficient, balanced, and joyful movement

Each participant will receive a foam roller and Rolling for Resilience instructional book to take home after the workshop.

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Brian Housle, MS, M.Ed

Brian Housle is recognized as an outstanding lecturer, designing new courses, materials, and cross-component curricula on fitness concepts, health psychology, and exercise nutrition. He has consulted with a diverse adult client population, developing effective individual programs using fitness assessment tools to determine clinical risk. He is a mentor and instructor with the Duke Health and Well-Being Coach Training program, guiding students in learning the Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training process for mindful coaching.

Brian has presented nationally for professional organizations and has been involved in proposals for scientific research. He has also represented Duke with written media articles on current research and health education. He has worked collaboratively with medical staff to maintain an ongoing evaluation of risk stratification. He is a lead instructor for many activity courses, including Yoga, Pilates, cardiovascular fitness and interval training, aquatics classes, and functional strength training.

Accommodations Statement

Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations or have questions about physical access should contact us before the program.

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