Meet the Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training Team!  These leading professionals in the world of Health & Well-Being Coaching lend their skills and expertise to help you on your journey towards becoming a Health & Well-Being Coach.

  • Natasha Allen
  • Dina Lumia
    Dina Lumia, IHCPT Program Manager (Image)
  • Brian Housle, MS, M.Ed.
    Brian Housle
  • Amy Hoogervorst, NBC-HWC
  • Andrea Carew, BSc, MMS, NBC-HWC
    Andrea Carew Image
  • Heather H. Hale, NBC-HWC
    Heather Hale Image
  • Leigh Ann Hoffman, NBC-HWC
    Leigh Ann Hoffman Image
  • Deborah Lee, PhD, RN
  • Katherine K. Mackintosh, BS, MEd
  • Kim Brame McGimsey
  • Jim Tillman, D.Min.
    Jim Tillman
  • Susan Whitman, PA-C
    Susan Whitman
  • Janie Bisson, NBC-HWC
    Janie Bisson
  • Whitney Wilkerson, NBC-HWC
    Whitney Wilkerson IHCPT Instructor Image
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