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Integrative Health Coaching Graduate

What Our Graduates Are Doing

As experts in health behavior change, graduates of the Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training (DHWCT) utilize their professional coaching skills in diverse settings at their respective companies and institutions.  Below is a sampling of some of the exciting ways our Certified Health & Well-Being coaches are using their training.

Meet Our Graduates

  • CEO and Certified Integrative Health Coach, Health Impacts
    Jessica Ahlum
  • Owner, Core Health Partners, PLLC
    Julie Elizabeth Alexander
  • Founder and Culinary Health Coach, Concordia Integrative Health Coaching
    Jane Barg
  • Founder, Oakley Integrative Health
    Edie Webb Oakley
  • Resilience and Personal Effectiveness Program Manager & Professional Coach, U.S. Forest Service
    Michelle Reugebrink

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