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Julie Elizabeth Alexander

Owner, Core Health Partners, PLLC

Certified Integrative Health Coach, 2013

In her career, Julie provides individual coaching services as well as consultation and education services to healthcare organizations, businesses and community groups. She works with men and women who are seeking to be more proactive about their well-being and to whom a personalized, intentional and sustainable approach has a strong appeal. She uses the holistic, mindfulness-based foundation afforded her by the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training program to provide the type of coaching these clients respond to and desire.

Julie uses the Duke IM Wheel of Health model and the Integrative Health Coach training she completed as the basis for her own professional coaching and health promotion programs, as well as in her own life.

“I personally experienced a health challenge that resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room and a couple months of recovery. During that time, I consistently applied the skills that I use when coaching others to my own life. As I navigated the complex feelings and thoughts associated with an unexpected health incident, and sought health care partners that could support my healing, I experienced a sense of peace and empowerment. I can affirm without a doubt that the mindful, intentional, self-care approaches that I cultivated at Duke Integrative Medicine are gifts that keep on giving!”

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