What kind of mindfulness practices are used in the program?

  • Awareness of Breathing – simple focus on breath, observing thoughts without being caught up in them.
  • Body Scan – a way of discovering embodiment -what it means to live in and with the physical body by becoming more aware of the sensations in the different parts and regions of the body.
  • Walking Meditation – Walking as a way of meditating.
  • Mindful Yoga – Nurture awareness of the body while moving through a series of gentle stretches.
  • Loving Kindness – Projecting feelings of friendliness and kindness towards yourself and others.
  • Choiceless Awareness – a mindfulness meditation practice that deliberately does not “choose” a particular focus for attention, but instead takes a broad attentional stance that includes sounds, sights, sensations, emotions, and thoughts with equal interest.
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