About the Certification Course (ON HOLD)

Please note this course is a legacy course previously part of the IHCPT program. New students or students trained in the Foundation Course pre-April 17, 2017, should register for DHWCT to complete certification and be prepared for the National Board exam.

Take your coaching to the next level! Continue your training with one of the nation’s finest healthcare institutions and a world-wide leader in Integrative Medicine. Mastery in the field of Integrative Health Coaching comes with practice, skill development, and mentoring. The Certification Course is a secondary level of training open to Foundation Course graduates. It is designed to deepen your understanding of the core competencies and to allow you to achieve a more advanced level of proficiency in the field.

This distance-learning course allows participants to deepen their coaching proficiency through skills practice, mentored feedback, online learning modules, and video demonstrations. Course completion includes a written and oral examination to demonstrate mastery of Integrative Health Coaching skills, processes, and partnership.

Additional benefits of completing the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Certification Course include:

  • Professional recognition as a certified Integrative Health Coach.
  • The invitation to add your professional contact information to the Duke Integrative Medicine website – a resource for potential clients.
  • Access to an expanding professional network of peers in this field.

At the conclusion of the integrative Health Coach Professional Training Certification Course, learners will meet the following learning objectives:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the 9 stages of the Integrative Health Coaching Process Model.
  • Select appropriate strategies to support clients in making desired health behavior changes to support their optimal health.
  • Identify the structure of an Integrative Health Coaching session as well as a series of sessions.
  • Explore the impact of a mindfulness practice on the Integrative Health Coaching relationship, specifically when encountering challenging coaching interactions.
  • Apply Integrative Health Coaching skills, processes, and partnership through the opportunity for mentored feedback on recorded coaching sessions.

Course Design

Students will receive feedback on their coaching during individual distance-learning sessions with a mentor.  In addition, students will complete robust, self-paced online learning modules including Web Based Training and Demonstration Videos.  Required course components include:

  • 3 Mentor Sessions:  Individual sessions with personalized feedback on recorded professional coaching sessions
  • 5 Web Based Trainings (WBTs):  Online, self-paced modules which guide learners through the course content
  • 8 Demonstration Videos:  Illustrations of the use of Integrative Health Coaching skills, process, and partnership
  • Healthy Living Curriculum:  Designed to provide coaches with a well-rounded review of healthy living to enhance their knowledge base for coaching
  • Successful completion of both an oral and a written examination

Continuing Education Credits Available

Those who complete all requirements for the Certification Course earn a Certificate of Completion, certification as an Integrative Health Coach by Duke Integrative Medicine and Continuing Education Units (pending). Please refer to the IHCPT Certification Course registration webpage for details about available continuing education credits.

The National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC): This program is an NBHWC-Approved Program. Successful graduates of both the Foundation course (online Cohorts 01 -07 or  Cohorts 33-43 in-person) and the Certification course meet the training eligibility requirements to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination required for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC). Students trained pre-April 17, 2017 are recommended to complete the Duke Health & Well-Being Training to meet the current eligibility criteria. 

Do You Have Additional Questions?

We have compiled a list of questions we are often asked. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answers to common questions about the IHCPT Certification Course.

If you are unable to find the information you need after viewing our Frequently Asked Questions, please contact DHW Programs.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for participation are as follows:

  • Internet access
  • Desktop or laptop computer with a headset (or internal speaker and microphone) in order to participate in the Mentor Sessions using WebEx online meeting center. Note: Chromium operating systems (Chromebooks) are not fully supported and will result in not being able to fully participate in courses.
  • Audio recording device for recording coaching sessions to review during individual mentor sessions

When working with your own clients during the Certification Course, it is recommended (although not required) that you obtain your own professional insurance.  Upon completion of the Certification Course, graduates will be required to provide proof of insurance if they choose to have their professional contact information included on the Duke Integrative Medicine website.

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