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The program, uniquely based on many years of clinical experience and research with thousands of patients and clients, trains medical and allied health care providers in the core competencies necessary to work as health & well-being coaches. Participants report the greatest assets of our training are our well-designed coaching competencies, utilization of a coaching framework based on the neuroscience of change and theories of change models, the integration of mindful awareness, the emphasis on experiential practice to support translation to professional practice, as well as the emphasis on creating a diverse and unique learning community of colleagues 

We feel there are many strengths to our Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training. Here are some of those strengths for consideration: 

  • Duke’s Brand: The Duke brand carries substantial weight; it stands for excellence in education and training. Our coach training program excels in this manner as it is rooted in research and based on the neuroscience of change and behavior change theories. 
  • Learn from Leaders: At Duke, you will learn from leaders in the field of coaching, both as highly experienced coaches and excellent instructors 
  • Adult Learning Methodology: Duke’s program utilizes adult learning methodology to deliver a highly experiential program. The incorporation of experiential practice is crucial to the translation of coaching concepts into professional practice. 
  • Mentored Feedback: As a participant, you will receive feedback to support you in your development and application of coaching skills and process. 
  • Mindful Awareness: Duke’s model of health & well-being coaching regards mindful awareness as an essential element of coaching. To truly partner with another person, a coach must develop their capacity to pause, recognize what is happening in the present moment, and then choose an appropriate response. 
  • Community: We feel the most effective learning happens in a community. The live training components, the ongoing practice with colleagues, and the emphasis we place on building on the expertise and knowledge each participant brings to the training group, all help to build a unique learning community. It is the community that supports you in getting the most out of the training. It is the community that will continue to grow as you continue to network with your colleagues after training and develop new networks with our broader graduate community through our graduate community website and continued learning activities. 
  • Standards: DHWCT is a National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) Approved Program, having met the 2018 Program Approval Standards. Graduates of DHWCT are eligible to apply to sit for the National Board Examination. 
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