For Providers

Duke Integrative Medicine welcomes collaboration with community healthcare providers in achieving our mutual goal of helping our clients achieve optimal health.  You will find that our services complement rather than contradict your good work.  We offer many levels of care, including individual services, classes, and workshops . Formal referrals are not required, but if you have questions concerning which services might be appropriate for your patient, please contact our Nurse Program Coordinator, Janet Thrasher, RN.

No one is well served by repeating tests and unhelpful strategies.  If your patient’s medical records are not housed in the Duke University Hospital System, please facilitate our access to them in advance of your patient’s first visit.

Making a Referral

While referrals are not required for our services, the care we offer patients is enhanced when we work in close partnership with the referring provider. We ask patients to release records for our review before their visit. (NOTE: We have access to DUHS electronic medical records, so no release of records in the Duke system is generally needed).

If you have a patient whom you believe would benefit from our services, and have questions about what services might be appropriate, please contact our Nurse Program Coordinator, Janet Thrasher, RN.

How Our Practice Can Support the Care of  Your Patients

We offer many levels of care, that include: from individual services, classes, and workshops to multiple day immersion experiences and annual membership. Learn more:

Site Visits

We encourage our colleagues from around the world to visit our state-of-the-art facility in Durham, North Carolina. You may come in for an informal tour at any time. If you are interested in a formal visit and presentation, please contact our Marketing Manager, Cat de Montjoye at

The Duke Integrative Medicine Model of Care

Duke Integrative Medicine practices a new approach to medical care that brings patient and practitioner together in a dynamic partnership dedicated to optimizing the patient’s health and healing. This approach focuses on the whole person, recognizing that the subtle interactions of body, mind, spirit and community have a direct impact on vitality and well-being.

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